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  • A Life Saving Mission
  • Discounted Shipping Rates
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  • A Life Saving Mission

No More Surge Lockdowns

The only solution to care for COVID-19 patients


#ShieldMission is a COVID-19 Pandemic Hub of Credible Products, Services and Information.

Our Purpose

The ShieldMission platform is an all-in-one hub for reliable healthcare products, services, information pooling, and technological innovations through the collaborative efforts of individuals and companies.

As a novel project – we innovate and strive hard to save billions of lives especially with this pandemic, with a far-reaching vision of empowering underserved and impoverished communities.

Our Core Strategy

We can’t afford another economic meltdown with thousands of people losing their jobs and risking millions of people who could lose their lives.

Making a Difference

Our desire to increase efficacy and broaden our reach led us to build a social impact platform wherein 50% of all profits we generate are donated as grants to organizations and initiatives with the same cause.

Our strategy includes stabilizing our economy while minimizing, if not totally eliminating, the damage caused by this virus.

Reducing Patient Progression to Critical Stages

During fearful surges of the Coronavirus, hospitals struggle to admit and care for critically ill patients. There is a great need to free up hospitals to attend to more severe and critical cases, while ensuring mild and asymptomatic cases remain controlled and manageable.

➤ Approximately 75% of COVID-19 patients recover with a high flow supply of O₂.

➤ Early Oxygen intervention increases survival rate.

In normal circumstances, people would expect to go to hospitals to receive oxygen therapy, but as the number of cases continue to rise around the globe, hospitals are strained to meet the high demand for health care.

Where ShieldMission Comes Into The Picture

Our child product, the OxiKit, is a cost-effective, open-source oxygen concentrator that can be used to:

➤    Massively address scarcity issues around the world. 

➤    Provide the early oxygen intervention that patients with mild conditions need to alleviate the progression to severe and critical stages. 

➤    Provide patients with mild conditions treatment in the comfort of their homes and be remotely monitored with telehealth services.

➤    Pave the way to off-load patients with mild cases from crowded hospitals.

➤    Allow hospitals to accommodate patients with more urgent needs, thereby reducing fatalities.

Continuous Innovations to Address the Global Health Crisis Through Our Tech Hub

The innovative people behind the ShieldMission project consists of Fortune 100 Executives, medical directors, entrepreneurs, doctors, scientists, and engineers – each of whom are dedicated to the goal of providing the highest standard of care and support to all patients thus supplementing healthcare systems around the globe.  

ShieldMission focuses on what communities need. It is the force that drives us to continue what we do no matter how dire the situation may be. It remains at the heart of everything we do. This means we collaborate with other organizations, providers, and institutions who share the same goal and passion. The goal is simple: to mitigate and control this pandemic.

So, if you want to “keep the fight against COVID-19 alive, join the tribe.

Make a Difference With Us

Making a difference to the world may seem like an enormous endeavor, but all it takes is the collective effort of everyone who can make even the simplest contributions.

As a united coalition, 50% of all our proceeds are poured back to #PillarTribe, which uses these funds as grants to support positive social high-impact projects and initiatives by individuals and organizations who share our vision.

Through our collaborative efforts, incredible projects can come to the market 10X Faster and have 10X more impact through such collaboration and networking.

Be a Product Supplier to Deliver Superior Value

Our commitment to improve and save people’s lives goes beyond our products, services, and information. We invest in relationships with credible suppliers who will work with us to bring our innovations to the market faster.

In our platform, we want to make a difference by working with suppliers who share our commitment to availability, sustainability, and affordability.

Become a Service Provider and Offer Your Services Through ShieldMission

There is a current massive need to ensure the continuity of essential health care services to prevent more death counts from COVID-19 and other diseases.

If you offer services that can help in effectively mitigating the negative impacts of this pandemic, we encourage you to join ShieldMission as a service provider.

With our innovations, we are able to offer different business opportunities to our partners.

Since serving our clients and communities is our utmost concern, we’ll ensure that our service providers will be selected carefully according to our requirements and the services needed to implement our strategy.

Your Reliable Information Hub

In addition to our healthcare products and services, we’ve also established an information hub to provide reliable support and resources for both our members and the general public.

We consider this a one-stop shop for expert information that will help people by providing a wide variety of credible research, educational and informative content, and links to other sources.

Through our information hub, we are able to provide access to credible, accurate, up-to-date information about infectious diseases, large-scale outbreaks, potential pandemics, illnesses, and other diseases as well as emerging technologies and innovations.

If you want to contribute to the hub with reliable content, join our information hub and help us disseminate valuable information to more people.

Paying It Forward Through Our Donation Program

What makes our donation program unique is our focus – establishing a platform that generates profit to fund projects with the objective to build stronger response capacities in communities around the world, so that we’re all better equipped to face pandemics such as this one, and other crises we have yet to face.

You’ll be glad to know how we receive donations. In ShieldMission, we’ll let our donors understand where their money is going. We’ll demonstrate that we’re worthy of your investment and we’ll practice transparency through presenting our projects we are currently working on and listing all our accomplishments.

This includes providing our donors with financial reports and fundraising information that is accurate, easy to understand, and honest. Thanks to the internet, this information will be easily accessible to our donors.

The Brains Behind #ShieldMission

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