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The Only Solution to Care for Covid Patients & NOT Lockdown During Surges.


#ShieldMission is a Covid-19 Pandemic Hub of Credible Products, Services and Information.

Core Strategy

The only feasible strategy to keep the economy open and care for Covid affected individuals at the same time is simple at its core.

There are not enough beds, concentrated oxygen supply or health professionals in the medical infrastructures of many countries to care for Covid patients during Covid surges. 

Approximately 75% of Covid Patients recover with High Flow Concentrated Oxygen. A portable oxygen concentrator machine that has a mask Covid patients breath from. A protocol in which Covid patients are sent oxygen concentrators to their homes and remotely monitored with telehealth.

This could take 75% of the load off the over-run hospitals and allow the hospitals to be used for critical patients.

This core strategy is supported by medical professionals and leaders worldwide.

Operation #ShieldMission

Due to all the misinformation in the world regarding Covid, we are launching operation #ShieldMission, a pandemic hub for credible products, services and information for you to have what you need to take care of your family and community during the pandemic.

The #ShieldMission platform is a social impact platform. The Hub generates revenue through revenue share programs with product suppliers and Service Providers. A minimum of 50% of the profits generated by Shield Mission, LLC are donated into positive social impact companies and initiatives, both for prophet and Non-Profit Organizations of all types. 

Our Vision

The long term goal of the #ShieldMission Platform is to become a magnet for positive value driven people and organizations to unite together as a coalition and support high impact positive missions to benefit or shield humanity worldwide.

Our vision is to create an environment where our partners can collaborate together, shed light on positive social impact initiatives to all the coalition members, work and collaborate together.

We believe that by bringing people and organizations with good values and are driven together, through collaboration efforts by all these “Pillars” of the global tribe, positive impact projects can come to the market 10X Faster and have 10X more impact through such collaboration and networking. 

Our Core Value

Our core value is “Lives First”. If a group of people are delivering high impact positive products, services or resources for humanity, we will do our best to support as many as we can with the 50% donations we give out.

ShieldMission Origin #Pillartribe

The #ShieldMission has come together by members of the  “Pillar Tribe”.

The Pillar Tribe is made up of 200+ of Top Fortune 100 executives, Chief Medical Doctors, Scientists, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Technologists have come together to form a coalition to mitigate the destructive effects of Covid.

The Brains Behind #ShieldMission

Join Us in Operation #ShieldMission.

Let’s get the Covid patients the care they need without locking down our economies with rational, common sense solutions.

Let’s then go a step further and we, as a united coalition, create a new innovative business process that balances the need for an organization to generate profit in a sustainable format with the goal of funding and donating to positive high impact projects and organizations with at least 50% of the profits it generates.

If you would like to join the #ShieldMission as a volunteer, contact us by filling out the forms below. Approach us with a plan of action that you do autonomously that we can just say “go” to if it makes sense.

Donation Program

The CORE FEATURE of the #ShieldMission donation program is that the vendors who sell products and services through the ShieldMission platform participate in recommending and deciding where the 50% of the profits the ShieldMission entity is distributed to.

We are not setup as a non-profit by DESIGN.

We refuse to waste our time begging for donations, we will focus on generating a common sense platform solution that generates profit to attract top talent in order to grow profits, which we then give away a minimum of 50%.

We will take donations in a simple manner. We list the results we have accomplished, the projects we are working on that can grow without additional funding, but can grow faster if the public donates to support our causes.

Product Supply Hub

ShieldMission will list products by partners, take orders, process payments and send the orders to our partners to ship the products to the consumers and organizations. A one stop shop for all Covid products is the goal.

Vendors list products and services on this platform to sell at a markup that provides the buyer a discounted rate than typical market prices. 

The VENDOR gives us a list of their products and services to sell.

The vendor recommends a price to sell the product or service for, a price that is discounted as much as the vendor can bear to the buyers.

The vendor recommends the revenue share for products sold or referral fees generated for services.

We will track profits generated from the platform.

Service Provider Hub

ShieldMission offer the services of our partners and receive a referral fee and/or a percentage of the revenue generated by the referral.

If you offer services needed by individuals or organizations across industries to mitigate the harm of Covid, we welcome you to join the #ShieldMission hub. Apply here.

By introducing this fast evolving digital economy, we are able to offer business opportunities to local service providers by partnering with them to provide field and integration services. A solution that augments all our hubs by filling the need for services, thus improving overall customer experience.

Information Hub

We are combining a variety of credible research, educational and need to know informative content on the platform. Submit what you have, how it benefits people and how the content is credible.

Tech Hub

This is a new digital economy promoting market autonomy for both consumers and providers, with the ultimate advantage of bringing the best minds together through PillarTribe - an open source collaboration group we have formed to create astounding innovations to address market gaps. 

An amazing example of our astonishing collaborative work is Oxikit, a DIY Oxygen Concentrator designed to be built from easily accessible hardware products to help alleviate supply deficits. 

Oxikit is so smart and powerful it changes the game in saving the world from the pandemic. Thanks to the amazing innovators, doctors, engineers and programmers who believe in our mission, Oxikit transcends your standard DIY project by adding an Arduino code with global telehealth services (GTS) feature to help save more lives. 

In fact, we are offering this invention for free! Anyone can have access to the step-by-step tutorial videos we have prepared to build their own Oxikit at home and easily download the Arduino code from our Oxikit page.

Selling Products and Services Through Shield Mission

Approach us with the intent to minimize how we get your product or service listed on our platform for the absolute best price you offer anyone and simple fair terms. Help us move fast and do good work. You know your market. You know your costs and the market rate for your product or service. You know the markup of your products and the profits you generate.

Here’s the simple process we ask you to follow:

‣ Help minimize the time it takes to vett your product or service and get it approved to list on our platform. We need to focus on moving fast to save lives, salvage the global economy and reduce the risk of massive social unrest across the world.

‣ Tell us the price we should list your product or service for at a rate that is discounted from typical market prices.

Offer the best wholesale price or referral fee you can. Hint: whatever the absolute best rate you give to any customer, offer a minimum discount of what you give them. 

‣ Explain your product or service benefits in simple terms.

‣ Show us why your product or service is credible.

‣ Do all this as quickly as possible, in as few touch points as possible

If you have credible and vetted products, services, educational or informative content that are useful in this pandemic for consumers, health professionals, organizations, local or federal governments and communities, let’s get you rolling on the platform asap